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When we founded Nayeh, our goal was to create

garments that not only minimizes environmental impact,

but can also be worn by those who have allergies and

other sensitivities to conventional fabrics.

We test every fabric that we choose to use in our garments.  And we thoroughly vet all our manufacturers.

There are factories that flat out refuse to work with us because of the standards we place on our clothing.

Too many manufacturers refuse to clean their equipment regularly or take the necessary precautions to

enforce a transparent supply chain, and these are manufacturers we will never work with.

We choose our materials based on their impact on the body and the environment.  That’s why we use

eco-friendly nylon and polyester, organic cotton, and PCR synthetic down.  We eschew conventional

fabrics that are chemically treated or difficult to clean.  We lab test them for chemicals and irritants, such

as butyls and PFCs, and eliminate any fabric from our products that contains any compound which is

harmful to health or the environment.

Our garments are meant to be cleaned regularly, and to last.  The most sustainable garment means

nothing if it doesn’t hold up to time.  And a garment is only hypoallergenic if it is cleaned regularly.

We design our products with this as the cornerstone of our brand.

In short, Nayeh will only work with: 

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