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We use cellulose fiber hangers made from recycled post-consumer and industrial paper pulp.

These hangers produce less than a third of the CO2 output compared to traditional plastic hangers,

as well as significantly less acetylene, sulfur dioxide, phosphates, and CFCs.

These hangers are thermoformed, making them strong enough to hold up to 9 kilograms.  

This means that you can continue to use our hangers in your home,

further reducing your plastic waste one hanger at a time.

Packaging, Cards, Tags

Single-use plastics may go down in history as humankind’s single most damaging invention of the 20th century.

Largely unrecyclable, plastic packaging clogs up our waterways, damages ecosystems,

creates toxic emissions when manufactured, and creates microplastics that make their way into our food supply.  

But regular recycled paper might not be the answer to this global crisis.  As it turns out,

recycled paper is a largely unregulated industry. Most low quality recycled paper only uses a small percentage of recycled materials,

And if the recycled paper you use is created through a coal-powered factory or by using harmful chemicals,

the net damage might be even higher than using virgin paper.

With too many unscrupulous operators ‘greenwashing’ their image by using recycled paper,

we’ve allowed products into the market that create as many problems as they claim to solve. 

Our packaging, tags, and boxes are all made from FSC certified recycled paper.

The Forest Stewardship Council holds forest management to a higher standard--their goal is ‘Forests for all, forever’,

The forests that the wood is originally harvested from are highly regulated, completely sustainable,

does no damage to local ecosystems, and provides transparent provenance for each of their products.

This allows for forests to be raised continuously, in a way that benefits the environment.

FSC regulation also requires affiliated paper processing facilities to operate in a sustainable

and environmentally responsible manner.  The packaging we use is a mix of ethically farmed wood

and responsibly recycled paper: the best of both worlds.

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